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Your guide to getting started on eXpertLocal

Looking for a summary of how to get started on eXpertLocal? Check out our guide.

Think about what you love

Yes, it really is that simple. What kinds of things do you love sharing with your friends? What’s something you know a lot about? What’s a topic that really excites you? What are the things you really love doing? Sharing those moments, ideas and adventures with other people are what eXpertLocal is all about.

Write it down

From your favourite kind of Saturday picnic through to knowing all the cool little places to go in a particular suburb, your experience really needs to have a little form to it so other people can understand. So break down your idea and think about:

  • Why do you love doing this particular activity?
  • Who are the kinds of people you’d love to share it with?
  • What tools do you need to make your experience happen?
  • Where would you stage your experience?
  • Why would people really enjoy your experience?
  • When would you be able to conduct your experience?

Enjoy the freedom

One of the best things about eXpertLocal is there isn’t a boss telling you how to run your experience. What you want to do is what you write down. We can certainly help you write your tour, but everything from the length of the tour to the subject matter, through to how many people can go and what it entails is entirely up to you. AND you can try out your experience, and change it when you want to. This is your opportunity to design your ideal job with support!

Check out the info that matches your situation

We know it can be a little daunting when you first consider running your own tour. That’s why we’ve written inspirational blogs that give you ideas on the types of tours you may want to host on eXpertLocal. And you can take advantage of our profile tips and advice on writing a cool experience.

You can find tips on writing a really cool experience as an individual or get the lowdown on running tours for your business. You can promote your community ideas and free experiences, too.

Follow the prompts (and ask for help)

A great way to check out what kinds of experiences may work on eXpertLocal is to check out the other tours. You can also register for our Meetups and come and meet other hosts, ask questions and get to know the team behind eXpertLocal.  And if you need an extra hand getting your tour into shape, you can email us directly via to workshop your idea or even have your idea written up!

eXpertLocal is as simple (or as complicated) as you want it to be. So why not take that long held dream of the kind of experience you’d love to share from idea stage to the next level?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below.

FREE experiences on eXpertLocal now available!

In addition to paid experiences and tours on eXpertLocal, we’ve broadened our horizons into including free things to do. That’s right- you can now add and participate in experiences that are completely free!

Here’s how it works:

For Hosts 


Whether you’re a community group looking to promote your already existing events or an individual who just wants to use experiences as a way of meeting like minded people, eXpertLocal has you covered.

What you need to do is-

If you haven’t joined eXpertLocal yet, you need to register via setting up a login and password (or use your Facebook details to login).

Once you’ve registered, simply go to the CREATE AN EXPERIENCE section.

Follow the fields. They are pretty self explanatory, but if you need extra help, check out our tips on how to write a tail kicking experience.

Once you’ve entered the details, click the SAVE & CONTINUE TO STEP 2 button at the base of the screen.

The next page you land on is where you set the price.

Create an Experience - Step 2

The very first option you will see asks you about currency, PRICE OR FREE and the transaction fee.

Simply grab the blue button with the white up and down arrows and slide the blue PRICE OR FREE to free.

Slide to set to FREE

From here, the system knows you want to hold a free experience and you can just fill in the remaining fields as normal.

Follow down the page, filling in the required fields and SAVE & CONTINUE TO STEP 3.

Step 3 is where you can add photos and videos of you experience.

Step 4 allows you to choose the date, time and duration- and where you save as a draft.

Once you’ve saved your draft and you’re happy with your experience, submit it for approval and you are on your way!


Free experiences are a great way for you to test the water on some of your experience ideas, to add things for not for profits and community organised events or simply use eXpertLocal to enjoy fun times with people who have like minded interests without involving money.


For participants:


Keep an eye out for the orange ribbon that says FREE EXPERIENCE- TRY IT NOW! with FreePP (that’s free per person) listed as the price.

Free Experience

When you pop over to the booking section, MAKE A BOOKING, follow the prompts through the date and times and select how many places you’d like. Don’t be thrown off by the word “purchase” for the tickets. That’s just our standard word for booking a ticket.


We will also be introducing a feature where you can trial experiences for the first time or on specific dates for free. This will be at the Hosts discretion, but is a great way of trying out different experiences that may become an ongoing thing you do, or for Hosts who would like to gain feedback on their experiences quickly.


Offering free experiences is part of eXpertLocal’s commitment to helping community groups and members of the eXpertLocal community to come together to meet, mingle and have some fun.

Is that all clear? Feel free to ask any clarifying questions you may have, or even make suggestions on how we can make this feature work for you!

University students call out

eXpertLocal experiences

              eXpertLocal experiences – make money while making new friends!

University students, are you looking for part time work?

When you are at uni, it can be super hard to make ends meet, especially in places like Sydney and Melbourne where rent is high. Having a little bit of part time cash can make the difference between two minute noodles on toast and actually having something decent to eat for dinner, sometimes study and work timetables don’t marry in harmony and it can be really hard to focus on your studies when you don’t know if you can afford to pay the bills.

This is why we’re encouraging uni students to become tour guides on eXpertLocal.

Running tours for eXpertLocal isn’t like having a standard part time job. It’s really up to you as to what kind of tours you want to conduct. If you love live music, you can share this passion with other people and take them on tours to your favourite gigs. If you are a fitness fanatic, you can show others your favourite running trails, bicycle lanes or even set up exercise programmes in the park. It’s about what YOU know and like to do, and inviting others to join you.

You do need to put in a little more effort than simply turn up to work, however you also get a lot more benefits than you would with the average casual work arrangement.

Here’s how:

  • You set the date, time and duration for the tours so it only ever based on your timetable
  • You choose the activities, so you never get stuck doing stuff you don’t want to do
  • You set the price point, so you know how much you are going to earn
  • You’re always in control. You can choose to accept or decline who participates in your tours
  • We help you market the tours through our network
  • We give you advice and support every step of the way
  • We supply the payment gateway so you don’t have to worry

So what do you need to do?

  • Think of a tour or experience idea you think other people would like to participate in
  • Post it on eXpertLocal
  • Promote it through your network
  • Accept (or decline) the bookings
  • Conduct the tour

Stuck for a tour idea?

We already know from talking to potential customers and uni students during our research that people would LOVE to go on the following student run tours:

  • Get to know Sydney- first year students from regional Australia, other states and international students would love to have another student show them around Sydney and to get to know the city with people like them.
  • Bi-lingual tours- it’s hard when you have to learn English, plus a new city, plus a new culture. So if you know a second language, we have a lot of overseas students, travellers and ex-pats that would love to have you show them around.
  • Sydney on a budget- most students don’t have much in the way of disposable income, so having someone who gets that money can be tight showing everything from how to stay entertained to fed on a budget would be greatly appreciated.
  • Special interest tours- we’ve had a warm reception to the idea of running Sydney live music tours, foodie gatherings, walking tours, and cool ideas like exploring a suburbs graffiti or meeting up for yoga or guitar in the park.

We have the audience- we just need the tour guides. So what are you waiting for? Get in contact via or create your own experience today!

Make new friends, meet interesting people and uncover the things that make a place special with eXpertLocal! Join in the fun of existing tours or host your own today.

or use a traditional method