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Come get your Meet Up On!

NSW State Library Collection

One thing we’ve found when talking to people about collaborative consumption and eXpertLocal is that being able to put a face to the name is super important. Being able to trust someone in your local neighbourhood to shore you around the highlights and things to do becomes that much easier if you have the chance to get to know someone.
That’s why we’re introducing a series of info nights and seminars to help you get to know other members of the eXpertLocal community.
The first one is a straight up information night at the White Horse Hotel, Surry Hills. Anyone who is interested in eXpertLocal, whether that’s someone who would like to host their own tours, help us host some of our tour ideas, or someone looking to go on a tour who hasn’t taken the plunge yet.
We’ll be giving you information about what eXpertLocal is, how you can use it to promote your own ideas, the opportunities available in terms of side income, what we are trying to do and so on. Any questions you may have will also be answered on the night.
So make sure you keep the night of Tuesday 24th September free and meet us for a drink and a chat.
You can also add yourself to the official eXpertLocal meetup group and stay in the loop regarding any other events that may be happening that interest you.
If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a line via – or we’ll see you on the night!

If we were any more excited, we’d burst!

The eXpertLocal launch party is just 6 days away and we’ve got bigger grins than Guy Smiley!
Make sure you RSVP via Facebook or direct to so we can cater for you.
On the menu we have bushtucker and some tasty beverages as well as two super duper experiences for you involving street art and fermented beverages.
Curious? We’ll you’ll just have to turn up and found out what the deal is!
So far we’ve got freelancers, foodies, artists, collaborative consumption lovers and doers, startup peeps, creative people, lovely locals and a whole host of other people coming along. We’re all united by the chance to experience new things and meet new people- so if that’s your kind of thing, make sure you RSVP via Facebook so you don’t miss out!

See you there!

eXpertLocal is launching- and you’re invited!

Put your party pants on Sydney- the team from eXpertLocal is having their launch party and YOU ARE INVITED!

As someone who has shown an interest in eXpertLocal and/or the amazing collaborative consumption scene in Sydney, we really want to have you as our guest for the evening as we launch.
We’re keen as mustard to show a little bit about eXpertLocal, taste our way through some awesome food and drinks, and share amazing talks on micro-brewing, graffiti art creation and how you can use eXpertLocal to discover and display the things you love about Sydney.

Date: 27th June, 2013
Time: 7pm onwards
Venue: Hustle and Flow, 105 Regent st, Redfern (2 mins walk from Redfern station)
RSVP: 17th June, 2013 via this link eXpertLocal (or Facebook)
Bring: Yourself, and maybe some business cards or anything you would usually give to a new friend you’d meet that you’d want to see again! Oh, and you can bring a friend if you like.
Cost: Entry is free. Food and drinks will be provided at the beginning of the evening until it runs out.
We look forward to sharing the evening with you!

To find out more about eXpertLocal, head to
If you have any questions, contact Jervis via: jervis [at]


Student leaflet droppers required

Are you attending UTS, UNSW, Macquarie or Sydney University? Do you know all the places students hang on and around campus? Are you sociable? Do you like to get out and about? Then we need you!

New startup eXpertLocal ( is looking for uni students to do some leaflet drops in and around your university area. We’re also looking for interesting ideas on how to catch the eye of your fellow students.

What we do: is an online platform where people just like you list their very own tours and experiences for like minded people to join. You can organise nights out on the town, walking trails, bar crawls, get a group together for a restaurant experience, show tourists and fellow students your version of Sydney and more- all while making money and working the hours that suit you. You design the tours, other members of eXpertLocal sign up and away you go!

The role:

We’d like to reach out to students who would be willing to run tours. Considering how many international and regional students are new to Sydney and don’t know about the food, culture and arts scene- or the cool places to keep fit and make friends, we figure asking other students to run tours is a pretty good idea.

What we need are students who are familiar with the campus and local student hang outs around the campus to drop leaflets in the first instance. We may also ask you to participate in a focus group to find out where we can reach out to students as future tour guides and to go on tours. You are also more than welcome to set up a tour and try it out for yourself.

About you:

You need to be interested in extracurricular activities and/or have a passion for going out and about in Sydney. You are personable, love a good conversation and not afraid of a bit of walking. You will know the places it is appropriate to leave leaflets in and around your campus, and are reliable.


We’re looking at 1 or 2 people available for 4 hours to drop leaflets at each campus. You’ll also need to allocate half an hour to an interview to see if you are the right fit. The pay is $80 for the 4 hours (so $20 for the hour). You don’t need experience, just the right attitude.

Sound like you? Pop us a short email to and tell us why you think running student tours would be a great idea, and a bit about what you like to do in your spare time! Yep, no boring CV or cover letter- it’s all about you!

Applications close March 25th 2013.

To find out more, head to


Make new friends, meet interesting people and uncover the things that make a place special with eXpertLocal! Join in the fun of existing tours or host your own today.

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