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Sydney Music Scene: What can be done?

Rocking out at the Annandale Hotel

Rocking out at the Annandale Hotel


Those of us that love the Sydney music scene are often on tender hooks when another closure or some bad news is announced. The news of the Annandale Hotel going into receivership is no exception. We’ve been hit hard by the closure of the Hoey, the Excelsior and now one of the last remaining stalwarts of rock’s fate hangs in the hands of a bank, a buyer and the council.

So what can we do?

It’s been said a million times before but- the best thing you can do for the Sydney music scene is get out there and see some live music. This is particularly important if you like the rock and heavier stuff because it is getting harder and harder to find the places where the local scene can belt out a few tunes without worrying about the neighbours.

Why should we expect businesses to run on the smell of an oily rag because we want them in theory but not actually front up and see some music, putting our money where our mouths are?

The bottom line is- if you want metal, prog, heavy rock, indie rock, blues rock and all that kind of stuff, you need to get out and see more gigs.

At eXpertLocal, we believe the music scene is important and we want to support it.

We know what the pain points are. Going to gigs and ending up seeing not so good bands, going alone being a pretty ordinary experience and even whether or not it is raining really affects if people go to gigs in this city.

But what if… you could hang out with someone who knew their gigs, have a laugh and share a beer with them and know you’d have a good time?

What if you could make friends with other people who dig the same kind of music rather than stand alone?

What if it didn’t matter if it rained because you knew the evening would be worth the soggy jeans or playing “pain the tail on the taxi”?

We’ve got a theory that if we got the people who were passionate about seeing live music running tours, selecting the right bands and organising people properly, we could demonstrate that Sydney’s live music scene is healthier than ever- and make it stronger.

That’s why we want to trial this theory with recruiting hosts to show other punters their version of the Sydney live music scene. As a host, you choose the gigs, make use of eXpertLocal to promote them, get the group together and can charge a small booking fee for the privilege.

If you know the good bands to see in any kind of music, we’re calling on you to share it with other people. You can go to the gigs you want, as often as you like, with other gig pigs learning what’s cool from you.

This is the perfect fit for anyone who is already running their own music review blog or writing for street press about the scene- or if you are going out to see music regularly anyway and wouldn’t mind meeting some new mates as you do it. You can take that to a new level by booking your own tours through us at the same time as getting known as someone who actually gives a crap and goes to see bands on a regular basis.

So what have you got to lose? If you want the Sydney Music Scene to survive, group up, get involved and go see some live music!

Create your tour and let’s get this happening.


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