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Student call out for eBook

Students- have your voice heard!

Sydney, you are first taxi off the rank- so UNSW, Sydney Uni, UTS, UWS and Macquarie Uni, grab your pencils and pay attention!

Are you a uni student? Do you know the cool ins and outs of campus life and beyond? Or do you wish someone had snuffled out that information for you? Either way, we want to hear from you!

eXpertLocal are putting together information on cool stuff to do with uni life, and we want your input. From the questions you still have to the fun you are having right now, we want you to share info with us.

We’d love to hear about…

  • Your top picks for places to go on and off campus
  • The groups, clubs and extracurricular activities that totally rock at your uni
  • What you do to stretch your dollar further life and entertainment wise
  • The blogs you read, like and admire
  • What super cool things and places to see you’ve discovered in Sydney
  • Local lingo that would help an International student get in the swing of things
  • Where you get social, fit and party
  • Study tips, great tutors or awesome places to get into the study time zen
  • Anything you think a new student would love to know!

You are welcome to promote your sporting clubs, student union activities, upcoming events, gigs and more too!

What we want to create is an awesome student guide that has personality, fun and a little bit of attitude, coupled with a real insider look into life on campus!


To make a submission, send us:

  • A 50 to 75 word description of your student life pick
  • Any relevant links (such as web, social or email address) for further information
  • A relevant photo (less than 1MB in size)

This is free promotion for what you believe in, what helped you adjust to campus life, and a chance to give back to the groups, businesses, people and clubs that make your uni time so much more fun.

So what are you waiting for? Send your submissions to today!

University students call out

eXpertLocal experiences

              eXpertLocal experiences – make money while making new friends!

University students, are you looking for part time work?

When you are at uni, it can be super hard to make ends meet, especially in places like Sydney and Melbourne where rent is high. Having a little bit of part time cash can make the difference between two minute noodles on toast and actually having something decent to eat for dinner, sometimes study and work timetables don’t marry in harmony and it can be really hard to focus on your studies when you don’t know if you can afford to pay the bills.

This is why we’re encouraging uni students to become tour guides on eXpertLocal.

Running tours for eXpertLocal isn’t like having a standard part time job. It’s really up to you as to what kind of tours you want to conduct. If you love live music, you can share this passion with other people and take them on tours to your favourite gigs. If you are a fitness fanatic, you can show others your favourite running trails, bicycle lanes or even set up exercise programmes in the park. It’s about what YOU know and like to do, and inviting others to join you.

You do need to put in a little more effort than simply turn up to work, however you also get a lot more benefits than you would with the average casual work arrangement.

Here’s how:

  • You set the date, time and duration for the tours so it only ever based on your timetable
  • You choose the activities, so you never get stuck doing stuff you don’t want to do
  • You set the price point, so you know how much you are going to earn
  • You’re always in control. You can choose to accept or decline who participates in your tours
  • We help you market the tours through our network
  • We give you advice and support every step of the way
  • We supply the payment gateway so you don’t have to worry

So what do you need to do?

  • Think of a tour or experience idea you think other people would like to participate in
  • Post it on eXpertLocal
  • Promote it through your network
  • Accept (or decline) the bookings
  • Conduct the tour

Stuck for a tour idea?

We already know from talking to potential customers and uni students during our research that people would LOVE to go on the following student run tours:

  • Get to know Sydney- first year students from regional Australia, other states and international students would love to have another student show them around Sydney and to get to know the city with people like them.
  • Bi-lingual tours- it’s hard when you have to learn English, plus a new city, plus a new culture. So if you know a second language, we have a lot of overseas students, travellers and ex-pats that would love to have you show them around.
  • Sydney on a budget- most students don’t have much in the way of disposable income, so having someone who gets that money can be tight showing everything from how to stay entertained to fed on a budget would be greatly appreciated.
  • Special interest tours- we’ve had a warm reception to the idea of running Sydney live music tours, foodie gatherings, walking tours, and cool ideas like exploring a suburbs graffiti or meeting up for yoga or guitar in the park.

We have the audience- we just need the tour guides. So what are you waiting for? Get in contact via or create your own experience today!

Make new friends, meet interesting people and uncover the things that make a place special with eXpertLocal! Join in the fun of existing tours or host your own today.

or use a traditional method