The Best Hangover Cure: Surfing Sydney Style

Any seasoned surfer will tell you nothing beats a hangover like a dip in old salty. That’s why we’ve hit up some Sydney surfers for their off the beaten picks and places for the all important hang over cure.

Italian Sandshoes
Made for the surfer who is after a hangover cure, Oak Park or ‘sandshoes’ is a nice swell. It’s in the far south of Cronulla near Bass and Flinders Point and easily the best wave in Cronulla. Known for easy take off, long rides and waves which hollow out nicely, ‘sandshoes’ provides awesome waves provided the locals will let you on that is! After a hard day’s surfing, there is also nothing better than visiting the many beachside restaurants of Cronulla.

Balinese Breaks
A pub which most people would want to be buried in for the sensational view of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding cliffs from its Balinese inspired beer garden, the Scarborough Hotel marks the spot for a local surfing love.

Just on the other side of the New Ocean Road, the beach is 5-10 minutes on foot down a near vertical goat track. If you don’t mind lantana (we mean lots of lantana) and are cool with heights, it’s well worth it. Getting back up is a great work out on the legs and something to keep in mind when surfing so some energy for the trip back is spared, but the post surf view, food and a couple of glasses of good stuff at the end are well worth the effort.

Go the ‘Gong
The border between southern Sydney and northern Wollongong are well represented in the shape of the Headlands Reef at Austinmer and Sandon Point at Thirroul. The Headlands Reef is just a walk down from the Headlands Pub car park and into slightly sketchy yet fast, no nonsense waves. Sandon Point in contrast is quietly whispered about as a world class wave area comparable to Shark Island and the Superbank. As a point break, it has a left and right and sometimes impossibly long, paddling rich waves.

Both are rewarding and are favourite spots for those who love getting their toe in the water and nailing a wave.

Expert Alert
In Sydney’s south is the famed Voodoo. This is a place for the pro and kamikaze surfers only (no kids and no novices please!), but well worth the heavy beating you can be served for those really good at and keen on their surfing.

The breaks are inconsistent, but when they are on form, you can expect 3ft to 10ft breaks to thrill and challenge. Serious territory for those who know their surfing techniques and certainly not for the novice, Voodoo cracks out the sweat of even the fittest water lover and is known for sharks and urchins. The rewards are fantastic.


We hope you enjoyed our mini tour of the secret surfing spots of Sydney and surrounds, especially when feeling the post party headache set in.

Feel free to share your favourite picks up North!

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