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Why does eXpertLocal exist?

eXpertLocal wants to change the way tourism, small business and the creative scene are approached by putting the power back in the hands of the locals.

Take for example a Newtown cafe, they face steep competition. eXpertLocal gives them the opportunity to offer an extra layer to their business- whether that’s cooking classes, after hours poetry and coffee nights, or special dining events- and deliver them to an audience that is seeking a different take on their local area.

Or take the Sydney music scene. We know there are great bands out there and punters who want to see those bands. But bands don’t have money to self market and punters may not have friends who are willing to risk on an unknown band. So the two don’t often find each other because it’s a bit of a risk to take, spending your weekly entertainment budget only to find the gig you are seeing isn’t so great after all.

If we can provide a tour that brings them together, eXpertLocal can disrupt that cycle of venue closure, or at least encourage positive steps towards a brighter future.

What kind of people would use eXpertLocal?

The simple answer to that is someone who likes doing more than just the same old thing all the time.

eXpertLocal provides an experience you wouldn’t get from a standard tour operator because we encourage our guides to be original, promote what they are passionate about, and welcome community groups and free activities, too.

There is more focus on the Host, too. eXpertLocal gives customers the ability to research the Host based on feedback, their profile and establish contact (and a rapport) before booking. This presents a strong feeling of authenticity for the experiences offered and a high level of trust for the customer.

What problem does eXpertLocal solve?

It is difficult to find tailored and specialised activities unless you spend hours doing research on Google. eXpertLocal aims to give customer’s tools that cut down research time. For customers, it’s about moving beyond the boring, everyday and seeking authentic experiences.

It’s also a way to meet new people through like minded interest. Having to establish friendship groups when you move to a new city or even as you transition to a new stage of life can be quite daunting. So using the service to find people who care about the same sorts of creative pursuits, sports or interests can work wonders in bridging that gap and taking the pressure off finding new people to share time with.

Finally, eXpertLocal provides everyday people with the ability to earn money through your knowledge or passion. It turns those magic knowledge bases we all have into something tangible we can share and even make a little pocket money from.

And this is not a daydream either. Consider how many travel, food and fashion bloggers make money from their passions and ideas. If you really want to make a go of starting your own journey to self employment through tours and experiences, we’re more than happy to help!

Why did you start eXpertLocal?

After 12 years in the corporate world I was ready to do something that would actually bring me the most excitement. While watching the series “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”, it always intrigued me how Tony always had hosts treating him to the local culture and cuisine.

The question that kept coming to mind was… “How did he find these people?”

They always took him to the best places to sample the authentic local cuisine. I realised if I wanted to uncover who actually made the best deconstructed lamington or where local surfers chose to go to in order to avoid the crowds, I wouldn’t have a clue.
So the theme became discovering exciting experiences with the right people. Discover things that make us feel alive, excited!

By showing people that getting out and being social, experiencing something through another person’s eyes in real life, is more fun than in front of a screen.

What does eXpertLocal need from people?

In order to carry out this mission, we need people to put their best foot forward and share what they love. Run a tour, think of a quirky event, promote your community activities, set up a tour group for your gig- try it out!

With both free and paid experiences, it really doesn’t hurt anything to give your imagination a little free reign and dream up something you’d love to share with another person.

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