Community Guidelines

In order to keep eXpertLocal the happy little place for fun and adventure it is, we ask all our members to observe our community guidelines.

Respect your fellow members
One of the wonderful things about eXpertLocal is it brings us together to celebrate what we can offer. This includes who we are as people. eXpertLocal is a place where our members are free to be themselves without persecution and judgement. This is beyond 'tolerance'- we cherish the differences our members have and we have an expectation our members will afford each other the same courtesy.

Respect the places you go
eXpertLocal relies on the support of people who live, work and play in the areas our tours operate. Each member of eXpertLocal is visiting these places with the understanding that respecting the privacy, way of life and environment of these areas is part and parcel of enjoying an experience. So please, keep the noise and physical pollution to a minimum and treat the places you visit with the same care you would give to your own.

Exercise Self Respect
eXpertLocal is a place for fun and for meeting new friends. It is not a place to engage in illegal activities of any kind, including underage drinking or drug consumption or public nuisance behaviour. In short, we support the responsible service and consumption of alcohol as part of our tours, have a healthy respect for the law and will remove you from a tour if your behaviour is out of step with eXpertLocal and/or the tour you are on. Have fun, but not so much fun it starts impacting how people feel about you or how you'll feel about yourself in the morning! 

Safety First
We simply won't stand for behaviour that puts a host or other guests in harm's way and will do our best to ensure each tour conducted is as safe as possible. How you behave is part of that. Look out for each other, don't be a part of risk taking behaviour and work with the other members of the tour to make sure safety is maintained for everyone.

Be Trustworthy
When you agree to put on a tour, or if you say you will be joining one, be a person whose word can be taken at face value and follow through. If your circumstances change, communicate with the members that change to circumstances may impact. The first step to making friends and having a great time on eXpertLocal is being someone other members can rely on.

Have fun and be yourself
Each of us is special in our own right. Have the confidence to let that show. Enjoy the good times, be prepared to have fun and above all else, have fun! 

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