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Jervis Bharucha / Founder

As the founder of eXpertLocal, Jervis was struck with Anthony Bourdain's show "No Reservations" and his seemingly magical ability to uncover hosts who could lead him to the best of culture and cuisine in any given place. Not only that but the genuine, the extraordinary, the real and the exciting all appeared on the show episode after episode. How to capture that excitement and magic became something that kept turning over in Jervis' mind- and the result was eXpertLocal. After 12 years in the corporate world, Jervis has jumped into the heady world of collaborative consumption to bring people together, help them connect with the wonders of any given place and to share the joy that comes from getting to see the world from another person's perspective. Combining technology with people power, a sense of wonder and true connection to a community, culture and a heck of a lot of fun, Jervis is on a mission to turn things to do into things that connect people in a meaningful way.

Bek Lambert / Marketing & Content Manager

Whipping out the words and mixing up the marketing magic is Rebekah's day to day life at eXpertLocal. A bootstrapper who started her career in the very first foray into virtual communities, phone and internet dating, Rebekah has a unique insight into what makes passionate people come together in the online and offline world. When she's not off exploring the trails of her spiritual home of Redfern, she can be found at all kinds of live music events and gigs, searching Sydney streets for street art or taking her faithful Labrador Gibson for a walk along the coastline from Bondi to Clovelly. Rebekah uses her nearly 2 decade's worth of experience in technology, community management and marketing to make sure the word gets out to the right kind of eXpertLocal, no matter what their passion is.

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