Hi! I'm Bek L
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A little about me...

I believethe word "normal" should be struck from the dictionary. If humans were shapes, I would probably be a round cube with 2d tendencies.

I'm totally into street art, finding awesome food and coffee, the Sydney music scene and all things dog related. 

Freelance life and startup ideas also make my ears prick up. I love social media and writing. 

Pop by and say hi! 

From: Debbie N


About:Bronte Sea Walk

If you are looking for an afternoon walk, or simply want to get out of the house for some fresh sea air, exercise & something different, then this is the experience for you. 

My hubby & I drove from the Western suburbs of Sydney (an hour trip via tolls) & we are glad we did. It was a different way for us to spend Anzac Day & the weather was gorgeous. 

Our host Bec was very friendly, and easy to chat with. Bec gave us a little bit of the history behind some of the landmarks, & encouraged us to stop along the way to take photos or to simply take in the scenery.

We would reccomend this experience to anyone. 

From: Jervis B


About:Sydney Live Music Scene Tours

This was a fantastic night out! If you want to get familiar with the Sydney music scene then this tour is a must. We heard really great music from local bands...in an extremely friendly environment. Bek is super cool and nice and a knowledge of information. I got to know a little bit about the bands and a LOT about the local music scene. I even got to meet a few band members......they all seem to know Bek! I recommend this tour to anyone that wants a gateway into the music scene in Sydney...


About:Ecofeminist talk, book launch & pane

Awesome experience! Nice people, very interesting topic and very, very well organised. 

Will definitely attend one of Tessa's experiences again!