Why should I use eXpertLocal?

                    eXpertLocal is for anyone who wants to discover interesting new things within a city, uncover the latest places before the hoards or who simply wants to enjoy their city or town through the eyes of a fellow local. You can choose experiences, underground tours and things to do via interests, location and even subculture.                    

Is eXpertLocal in my area?

                    eXpertLocal is powered by every day people like you, so availability can vary based on what people decide to list. If you don't see any eXpertLocal experiences listed for your area, why not create and share your own experience?                    

What's not allowed on eXpertLocal?

                    We want to foster a community where everyone feels welcome and can find something they can be included in. We reserve the right to review and take down any material that may be deemed offensive by other members. The kinds of things that are not permitted on eXpertLocal includes but is not limited to anything we deem sexist, homophobic or could promote a culture of racism, religious intolerance, unsafe or illegal acts or acts that involve harm to another person or living creature.  We want our members to feel safe, happy and included. 

If you have seen something you think breaches the eXpertLocal guidelines, please let us know via support@expertlocal.com                    

What kinds of experiences do you offer?

                    You can choose to offer or participate in a standard Paid Experience or a Free of Charge experience. The difference between the two is simply a Paid Experience has a ticket price that must be paid to participate and a Free of Charge experience is completely without charge, so no money changes hands. The person who runs the tour gets to choose if an experience is Free of Charge or a Paid Experience.                    

How does eXpertLocal work?

                    Follow the link here to find out more.                    

Who would use a Free of Charge experience?

                    eXpertLocal offer the Free of Charge experience option for community groups, not for profits and businesses who want to promote their experiences and tours via eXpertLocal as a way of reaching another audience. It is also designed so that individual members of eXpertLocal who want to use experiences as a way to meet people, or to have the only charge associated with an activity be set by the venue chosen (such as a cover charge at a live music venue or the admission to the zoo) as opposed to the person who wants to run the tour. We know that some of our members want to focus on making friends, building community and/or promoting fun local things as opposed to making money from eXpertLocal, so we offer Free of Charge experiences as a way to help with that!                    

How does eXpertLocal make money?

                    eXpertLocal charges a small service fee of 15% on every confirmed booking. This is used to cover our labour and operating costs, transaction fees with our secure payment gateway, and offering great customer service.                    

How can I get involved in promoting eXpertLocal?

                    We love the enthusiasm! We are always on the look out for people to help us launch into new cities, towns and subcultures so we're super keen to hear more from you. We do have a Pioneer Programme where you are given the information needed to help promote eXpertLocal and we're always keen to hear local knowledge. So please, drop us a line and we'll be in touch!                    

Do you have a blog?

                    Yes indeed we do! You can catch up on all the latest news and views via our blog. We love hearing your feedback on our posts, so feel free to comment til' your hearts content too!                    

Is eXpertLocal on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

                    Yes. Like our Facebook page here. Follow us on Twitter here and on Pinterest here. 

We love getting social so come and say hi!                    

Who is responsible if things don't go to plan? 

                    eXpertLocal is the marketplace that facilities you meeting someone for an experience, however the nuts and bolts of the experience you agree to have are the responsibility of you and the other person. If issues do arise, we will help you to resolve them if we can, but ultimately we ask that you exercise your own good judgement. Check the safety guides and tips  or contact us at support@expertlocal.com for your concerns.

Please check the Terms and Conditions for more details.                    

Why do you need my phone number?

                    Your phone number is important so eXpertLocal staff can reach you in case something unforeseen happens. It is also an indication that you're real and responsible, which helps people trust you on eXpertLocal. We do NOT share your phone number with anyone except when you make or accept a booking. You can check out our Privacy Policy for further info.                    

What information should I provide in my profile?

                    Your eXpertLocal profile will help people to get to know you, so it's best to include the kinds of information that lets people know about your personality, interests and the things to do you like to do! We recommend when you first start out you explain what kind of thing you are looking for on eXpertLocal and include as much of your social media and blogging info as you can. That way other members can get to know you as a trustworthy and fun person before you gain eXpertLocal specific feedback. eXpertLocal is all about like minded people meeting for all kinds of fun activities, so be you and share who you are so you can attract others to you.                    

How do I change/recover my password?

                    To change your password head to your Dashboard and click on 'Settings & Notifications' tab (upper right). From here simply click on 'Change Password' button. If you are unable to login because you have forgotten your password, hover over the light blue 'Sign In' button on the site masthead (top right), click on the 'Forgot Password?' link, and we'll email you a password reset link. Neat huh?                    

Which currencies do you support?

                    As we offer payment through PayPal, we accept payment via any nominated currency you choose to use. NOTE: eXpertLocal accepts no responsibility for the currency conversion rates set by PayPal.                    

What information about me is publicly visible?

                    What you choose to put in your Personal Profile is visible to anyone browsing eXpertLocal. It also includes your display name, the date you joined and any feedback you have. Even though you are required to give your address for search and your phone number for bookings, this is NOT publicly displayed.                    

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